Linux for beginners - GAMFSZXX934N


Three assignments will be given during the course. The first two will account for 25% of the grade of the students, while the last one will account for 50% of the grade of the students. The first two are short presentations (about 15 minutes each) done by the students. The preparation of a PPTX is compulsory. The last assignment is a configuration task carried out individually by the students. All assignments are due at the start of class on the due date. Evaluation and Grading Evaluation will be done in percentage and corresponding ECTS grades will also be assigned.

Assignment topics

  1. Linux desktop environments (September 27)
  2. Choose one from these programs: GIMP, Pidgin, digiCam (Oct. 11)
  3. Choose one from these programs: SimpleScreenRecorder, CrashPlan, SpiderOak (Nov. 22)

Recommended readings


Class Schedule

Lab 1 (Sept. 13) Introduction. Virtual Machines. Installing Ubuntu Linux Desktop 16.04.1
Lab 2 (Sept. 20) The Graphical User Inferface. Dashboard. Basic operation knowledge.
Lab 3 (Sept. 27) Assigment 1 ; command line basics (file and directory management, file permissions and attributes)
Lab 4 (Oct. 4) Command line basics (processes, services and other useful utilities, mounting file systems)
Lab 5 (Oct. 11) Assignment 2 (GIMP or Pidgin or digiCam); creating and managind users from the GUI
Lab 6 (Oct. 18) Installing and removing programs using the GUI, what are the packages?
Lab 7 (Oct. 25) Basic GUI based network configuration knowledge (IP address, DNS, proxy, etc.)
Lab 8 (Nov. 8) Disk management
Lab 9 (Nov. 15) Backup and recovery
Lab 10 (Nov. 22) Assignment 3
Lab 11 (Nov. 29) Personal firewall configuration basics
Lab 12 (Dec. 6) Useful utilities